Melerit Medical develops and markets its own simulator design - the Melerit Medical Simulator.

The staff has previously worked at Saab Aerospace in Linköping with simulator activities of the JAS 39 Gripen aircraft project. These engineers, with their extensive knowledge of simulators have teamed up with physicians to create a unique group in order to develop the medical training simulators of tomorrow.

The Melerit Medical Simulator is a PC based simulator, which can be used to inform, train and assess staff within the health care sector with respect to various medical procedures. To date SEK 25 million has been invested in the product.

The use of Virtual Reality technology transfers an experience very similar to real life training. It is a combination of interactive and coordinated picture, force feedback and sound which allows the user to see, feel and hear the same things as in a real life situation. A common software base allows for rapid development of new models.




Melerit Medical is located in Linköping, Sweden:

Tornby Gård
Gottorpsgatan 11
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To get in contact with Melerit Medical:

Tel: +46 13 35 56 00