Melerit Medical develops and markets VR Simulators
for skills training and assessment in medicine and care.

These simulators make it possible for doctors, nurses and auxiliary nurses to train and be assessed without using real patients, animals, cadavers or just being forced to use only simple mechanical mock up simulators as the training alternative.

We strongly believe that training increase patient safety. VR simulators from Melerit Medical saves health care resources and leads to a more effective, high-quality training. Through Melerit Medical's ground-breaking simulation technology, less patients will be jeopardized and significant cost savings can be made in the long term as well as in the short term.

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The Products

All simulators are developed in close cooperation with the University Hospital of Linköping, the Karolinska Institutet of Stockholm and the Medical Faculty of Linköping University. Our simulators are used for controlled studies. All data can easily be saved and taken care of for further analysis.

Melerit PelvicVision is a VR Simulator for training and skills assessment of prostate resection, TUR-P.

The VR Simulator Melerit PhacoVision offers an excellent training possibility in Cataract Surgery using the phacoemulsification method, including both the capsulorhexis part as well as the phacoemulsification part.

Melerit TraumaVision is a medical VR simulator, which offers an excellent possibility for training in all types of Orthopaedic Surgery using fluoroscopy. Typical examples are femoral surgery, spine surgery and upper extremity surgery.

Melerit UrecathVision, the VR Simulator for training in and objective assessment of skills in Urethra Catheterisation.

Visualizing virtual medical and/or forensic 3D objects in stereo, giving a true sense of depth conception.