The Company

Melerit Medical focus towards the creation of a unique VR Cataract Surgery Training Simulator

  • Simulator Technology Pioneers: Melerit Medical’s team, rooted in military airplane simulation, brings years of expertise to the medical VR simulator arena, adapting their proficiency to advance healthcare training.
  • Diverse Simulator Portfolio: With a history of developing various medical VR simulators, Melerit Melerit has demonstrated versatility, applying their knowledge to different healthcare contexts.
  • Focus on Cataract Surgery Training: The company now focuses entirely on a unique VR Cataract Surgery Training Simulator.

In recent years, Melerit Medical has directed its focus towards a singular and groundbreaking venture—the creation of a unique VR Cataract Surgery Training Simulator. This strategic shift underscores the company’s commitment to excellence and specialization, channeling their accumulated knowledge and innovation into a product that addresses a critical need in the medical community.

Our HQ is situated in EU’s most innovative city, Linköping

The city of Linköping is a vibrant university city in southeast Sweden located 200 km south of Stockholm. It has excellent communications with the rest of Sweden and to northern Europe by air, train and road. It is a fast growing community constantly attracting world leading expertise in research and development.

  • Innovation Awarded City: The European Commission did reveal the 27th of November 2023 that winners of the European Capital of Innovation Awards (iCapital), with the main prizes going to the cities of Linköping and Lisbon. 
  • Academic Hub: Linköping is renowned for its academic excellence, housing Linköping University, a leading institution known for cutting-edge research and innovation in various fields, such as computer graphics, visualization and media technology. Linköping University Hospital is in the frontline of medical image science, regenerative medicine and forensic medical sciences.
  • Innovation and Technology: The city has a strong focus on technology and innovation, hosting several high-tech industries and research centers. Leading industries are SAAB in aerospace and defense technology as well as Ericsson, Actia Nordic, Magna etc.. The Mjärdevi Science Park is a hub for technological advancements and start-up activities and is home for successful spin-offs from Linköping University such Sectra AB in Medical Imageing IT and cybersecurity and IFS AB in enterprise cloud based software.