The Team

Melerit Medical a seasoned and dynamic team with a very rich history in simulator technology

With a legacy spanning many years, Melerit Medical’s team boasts a deep understanding of simulation technology, honed through their work in high-stakes military training scenarios. This background has uniquely positioned them to bring a level of precision, realism, and reliability to the medical field that sets their simulators apart.

The company team’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of medical training through immersive VR experiences is evident in their singular focus on developing a simulator tailored specifically for cataract surgery. With a wealth of experience and a passion for advancing healthcare education, the Melerit Medical  team stands at the forefront of the evolving landscape of medical simulation, shaping the future of surgical training with their cutting-edge VR Cataract Surgery Training Simulator.

Claes Nylander, PhD
Business Development Director

Eva Skarman, PhD
R&D Director

Leif Nordh, MSc