Revolutionizing Cataract Surgery Training with Proficiency, Affordability, Portability, and Transformative Impact!

  • Proficiency-Based Training: Melerit Medical’s VR Cataract Surgery Simulator is designed as a proficiency-based training and scoring system, providing a cutting-edge approach to skill development in cataract surgery.
  • Affordability and Portability: Branded as PhacoVision, this simulator stands out for its affordability at clinic level and its portability, disrupting traditional norms in cataract surgery training. It introduces a flexible and cost-effective solution that can revolutionize training practices at the clinical level.
  • Transformative Impact: PhacoVision is set to change the landscape of cataract surgery training by offering an accessible, portable, and economically viable desktop solution. This innovation has the potential to reshape how clinicians approach and undergo cataract surgery training.

Capsulorhexis using a forceps

Sculpting and cracking using a phaco emulsification tool and a two tip lens manipulator

Sculpting and cracking using a phaco emulsification tool and a hook lens manipulator

Unlock Surgical Excellence with Melerit Medical’s PhacoVision VR Cataract Surgery Simulator!

Experience a revolutionary approach to skill development in cataract surgery – a state-of-the-art training and scoring device that immerses you in realistic, risk-free surgical scenarios.

PhacoVision – affordability and portability